Vision & Mission


The vision of the university is to be a world-class institution for the medical and other health professions in terms of learning, research, character building and service to humanity.



The mission of the university is to provide an all-embracing health education and services through the production of resourceful and competent physicians, dentists and pharmacists and other healthcare providers; who will be equipped to deliver promotive, preventive and specialized medical and other health-related care by way of research and best practices.



The philosophy of the university, as a highly specialized professional institution is to fill the wide  gap in the number and quality of Medical and associated healthcare professions of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry. In doing so, it is going to innovate with a Unicameral governance structure, research – based and service – oriented harmonized resident health management consultancies for in-house and external staff, and the instalment of e-medicine as a primary network with the five Divisional Hospitals in the State; and at a secondary level with established Nigerian University Teaching Hospitals and Federal Medical Centres, among others.